London Bridge-Malayalam Full Length Movie Info (2014)

London BridgeLondon Bridge-Malayalam Full Length Movie Info (2014)

Name: London Bridge

Category: Malayalam Movie

Genre: Drama

Star Cast,Actor,Actress :  Prithviraj,Andrea Jeremiah,Nanditha

Director: Anil C Menon

Producer: Sugeeth

Story Writer/Screenplay: Anil C Menon

Music: Not available

Length: 135 min

Release Date : Jan 31, 2014

London Bridge Malayalam Movie Story/Plot/Synopsis/Review/News :

London Bridge is a high budget Malayalam film directed by Anil C. Menon starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Andrea Jeremiah.Set entirely in the modern day England and shot entirely in London and Scotland,London Bridge narrates the importance of relationships, and shows how love and empathy prevails against ambition and dreams. Story in Detail Vijay is a successful Malayali businessman, who is settled in London. He is a money lender, who lends huge amounts to big companies. Vijay believes that he has rose to great heights with the help of his self-confidence and his brains. His philosophy says that there is nothing greater in this world other than money. He thinks everything in money’s perspective. Vijay is engaged to Pavithra, a beautiful girl. She is the daughter of a crorepathy Malayali Nambiar, who is settled in London. Pavithra lives in the world of a fantasy after the engagement. But, Vijay is more interested in money. Vijay happens to meet Merin accidentally, who is a nurse. Both of them get close to each other. This relationship makes Vijay realise the other side of life. Surprising moments will take you to the rest of the story.

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